From designing and sourcing wooden pallets and crates, to managing a circular economy that maximizes your company's pallet inventory.

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We improve your company's logistics by providing you with new and customized pallets.

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We provide an Integral Response to your Wooden Pallets and Packaging needs

We design and manufacture to meet the specific needs of your industry sector. Our wooden pallets and crates are ideal for the safe and efficient transportation of goods throughout your supply chain, ensuring the integrity of your products during their journey.


Are you looking to ensure the protection and transportation of your cargo, auto parts or specialized supplies at the best price?

At KAYAK Packaging we are experts in the design and manufacture of boxes and wooden pallets in high volume with first class raw materials.

Find customized and efficient solutions for your supply chain logistics.

Learn About Some of Our Solutions

Tarima de madera para transporte: resistente y durable. Ideal para proteger tus productos durante el traslado.

Wooden Pallets

• Designed by specialized engineers and manufactured with wood from certified suppliers.

• Asegura la estabilidad de tus productos, facilitando la logística de su almacenaje y transporte

• Consolidate your company's supply chain, avoiding delays, receiving your monthly orders in a timely manner.

Caja de madera resistente para transportar tus productos de manera segura. Asegura la protección de tus mercancías con nuestra caja de alta calidad.

Wooden Crates and Packaging

• Reduce costs and storage and transportation spaces with wood crates and boxes designed with packaging engineering.

• Guarantee your international shipments

• Receive your high-volume recurring orders in a timely manner, ensuring the flow of your supply chain.

What we do

We manufacture new pallets and wooden crates in high volume for recurring orders.

We work under strict quality control to guarantee the quality of each of the wooden crates we produce, ensuring compliance with delivery times.

We also help you reduce packaging costs and reduce storage space, redesigning the packaging of your products.

We also help you reduce packaging costs and reduce storage space, redesigning the packaging of your products.

Nos enorgullecemos de trabajar bajo estrictos estándares de calidad, asegurando la excelencia en cada una de las cajas de madera que producimos y cumpliendo rigurosamente con los plazos de entrega.

Además, ofrecemos el servicio de rediseño de empaques para ayudarte a reducir costos y optimizar el espacio de almacenaje de tus productos.

Kayak Packaging: empresa comprometida con el medio ambiente, certificada por múltiples asociaciones y certificaciones.