Trabajador de KAYAK Packaging trabajando en tarimas de madera.

Sale of New Pallets

Optimize your supply chain with premium wooden pallets! We provide you with customized solutions to ensure the best image for your products. Export with confidence, thanks to our new and custom-made pallets, designed especially for your needs.

Do you need a special design? Our team of experts will advise you to define the optimal option to ensure maximum efficiency in your shipments.

Just-in-time delivery
HT certification
Kanban Service

Boxes and Crates

We manufacture custom-made wooden boxes, crates, taking care of every detail to ensure maximum protection of your goods. We can materialize your ideas from your drawings and, if you prefer, our team of experts will design the optimal and efficient option for your needs.

- HT Certified
- Optimize container space
- Total protection

Recycled Pallets

At KAYAK Packaging, we support your operation with low-cost recycled pallets with certified functionality. Our sustainable packaging solutions ensure cargo protection in freight transportation.

- Reduced cost
- Guaranteed quality
- Optional HT certified

Trabajador de KAYAK Packaging desmontando una tarima de madera para su reciclaje.

Pallet Collection and Supply of Refurbished Pallets

At Kayak Packaging, we provide our customers with a collection service for used pallets at their facilities, promoting a circular economy that offers economic benefits by reusing refurbished pallets. Our focus on sustainable and certified wood guarantees safe and efficient packaging solutions for transportation and export.

- On-time service.
- Transparency of operation by offering reports and efficiency indicators.
- Savings by reusing your pallet stock.
Sustainable practice by giving more life to your pallet

Purchase and Recycling of Scrap

We provide integral service in the management of your scrap and industrial waste. In addition to collecting the pallets, we recycle the cardboard and plastic waste generated by your company. We will gladly make you a proposal!

- Container Service
- Scheduled collection
- On-site personnel