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Renovación de tarimas: Ahorro inteligente para tu empresa

Did you know that wooden pallets are the most used material in the logistics sector for the transport of goods around the world? Manufacturing more than a billion of them per year. The renovation of platforms softens the challenges that today faces raw material: wood. Gracias a esto tenemos una opción segura de una carga pesada y duradera para poderle dar una nueva vida a las tarimas que piensas que ya no tienen otra función debido al uso y desgaste de las mismas. Esto nos lleva a la resource optimization with whom you work and thus be able to avoid the high costs that the market is facing today.

Wood, being one of the raw materials most exploited by man, generates residues that are sometimes not known to be used. Companies accumulate these waste hindering their logistics and wasting economic resources by investing in new wood. The renovation of platforms It is the solution to give it a second life and it even makes them a lot more resistant that at the beginning.

According to the Basic Diagnosis for Integral Waste Management 2020 prepared by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) and the Institute of Ecology and Climate Change, in Mexico on 46.42% of the waste is organic, among them timber. Thanks to this, in recent years there has been a search for what to do with industrial waste, and precisely a smart alternative is the renovation of flooring. Next, we will show you the benefits of this service.

5 benefits of the renovation of platforms

  1. Reduce production costs:

To the renew the platforms you get a cost-benefit which makes the cost of production is reduced considerably and thus has a long-term financial savings.

2. Durability:

Una vez que las Wooden pallets son renovadas el resultado son pallets de madera mucho más strong and rigid, which guarantees that the products are well protected, we have pallets of quality and lasting.

3. Optimize your space:

For the renovation of the platforms it is important that they have the required certifications for high-volume collection, thanks to this you will be able to optimize your space so that the pallets are processed and renewed and your company remains residue free.

4. Savings in the purchase of raw material:

Due to the challenge that today faces the wood having high costs, renew the platforms prevents you from having to reverse each cycle in the purchase of raw material to replace the pallet, with this service it is purchased once and can be renewed to continue using it with the same confidence as the first time

5. Environmental care:

Thanks to the platforms are renewed and can continue to be used for a long time, they also help the environment because they are generate less waste and reduces demand of wood giving as a consequence that the lands are destined to natural spaces.

With these benefits you now know that renew your platforms It is the smartest alternative for saving your company, in addition to the fact that the life time will be much longer, guaranteeing the durability and rigidity of your pallets, helping the environment and knowing that your company will benefit in the long term.

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