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5 priorities for your supply chain this 2022

During 2021, manufacturing, retail and production companies from different sectors had to face great challenges. According to JPMorgan Chase 2022 Business Leaders Insights Survey, publicada recientemente, casi dos tercios de las empresas medianas han utilizado el almacenamiento de productos estratégico para aliviar las interrupciones de la cadena de suministro due to:

  • Cost increase
  • Stock demand
  • Untimely arrival of merchandise
  • International logistics due to shortage of containers

The arrival of Omicron and possible new variants is a notice to supply chains to innovate and create new strategies that provide stability in each of the challenges already experienced during 2021. In this article you will find five priorities to consider, to face these challenges.

5 considerations for 2022

1. Resilience
Probably the supply chains were not prepared to experience aspects of health or geopolitical risk, as has happened in the last 2 years, which is why resilience has become a point to consider. Adapt in short periods of time, to changes in the ecosystems where they operate, the impact on production costs and efficient delivery.

It is important to generate strategies to meet the specific demands of a market or region.

 2. Supplier Diversity and Collaboration

After what happened with the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a survey, to remain competitive in the global economy, more companies have indicated that they are diversifying their supply chains and taking a more strategic approach to sourcing and warehousing products.

Working with a group of diverse suppliers brings dynamism and innovation, generating growth through local sourcing.

3. Product prices

It is important that supply chains have a clear understanding of the type of products they are purchasing and not just be negotiators, so they can understand the correct purchase price.
And thus offer a quality service and better price.

4. Sustainability

La madera sostenible es una opción clave para garantizar la sostenibilidad en el sector de los embalajes. Las empresas se han enfocado en ofrecer soluciones de embalaje que utilicen madera certificada, con el objetivo de proteger los recursos naturales y reducir el impacto ambiental. 

Además, la protección de carga y de productos durante el transporte es un aspecto fundamental en la logística de cualquier empresa. Las soluciones de embalaje y logísticas deben garantizar la protección adecuada de los productos, minimizando el riesgo de daños y pérdidas. 

En este sentido, las empresas especializadas en embalajes de madera han desarrollado soluciones de embalaje y logísticas que garantizan la protección de la carga y de los productos, asegurando su integridad durante todo el proceso. 

De esta manera, se crea una cadena de suministro más sostenible, donde la madera sostenible, la protección de carga y de productos, y las soluciones logísticas y de embalaje, trabajan juntas para reducir el impacto ambiental y mejorar la eficiencia de la empresa. 

5. Digitization and Human Talent

Technology currently plays an important role within supply chains as it allows creating better order and efficiency for both the internal team and customers, developing valuable features.
Here is an example of tools that, when correctly applied, can generate a lot of value within supply chains. It is important to keep in mind that human talent is still essential and must go hand in hand with digitization, since added value and change is provided by the work of both. It is important to note that the increase in digitization is not a loss of employment, but the opportunity to evolve in their work role.

Now more than ever, supply chains must look for innovative ways to address the many challenges we have faced in recent years.

In this article we have shared five priorities that you can take into account as a way to promote stability and improve the position of your company in the market. In Kayak Packaging We are prepared to help you achieve new objectives by providing you with solutions in packaging and wooden pallets specifically adapted to the needs of your company. Contact us!!