Fall or growth in industries during 2022?

What happened to the industries during the last year?

During the crisis caused by the Covid -19 pandemic, various business sectors were affected, mainly the industrial sector, hotels, restaurants, air transport and construction.

In addition, during that year one of the most affected industries was copper mining, between January 16 and 31 the price of copper fell 11.6%, which significantly affected revenues and operating margins of your industry.
As we mentioned earlier, One of the affected sectors was construction, which fell 34.2% in 2021, while the transportation sector fell 40.0%.

While the hotel and restaurant service suffered a 70% drop, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

According to the survey of  "Navigator: the feeling of companies 2021" carried out to companies in Mexico, they manifest a resurgence of Covid-19 as one of their biggest concerns, with 55% of the responses, compared to 40% globally.

It is worth mentioning that 2021 was a year of trial and error, everything that happened accelerates and exposes success or failure, which will be reflected as of this new year 2022. In general, the new challenges for the Mexican industry involve innovation in their business models, as well as the efficiency of their resources and the continuous improvement and adaptation of the technological tools they implement.

The sectors that will boost the economy in Mexico.

According to information from Fitch Ratings, mining and export manufacturing are the sectors that will perform best this year.

The manufacturing sector in Mexico is expected to recover thanks to the demand for light manufacturing from the United States, as well as the contribution of the growth of technological trade, favoring the telecommunications, broadband and mobile telephony services sectors. Other benefited sectors will be the logistics, transportation, and industrial real estate sectors.

Within supply chains there is continuity and learning, a survey conducted by HSBC, mentions that 30% of the companies consulted in Mexico anticipate that international trade will flow positively the following year, as well as the integration of new supply chains with the United States.

Among the lessons that the supply chains had to experience was the shortage of raw materials, which is why 49% of the companies in the country mention that their number of international suppliers has remained unchanged; 32% increased and 19% decreased, while 47% have given priority to suppliers with sustainable practices.

3 types of companies that will have a future during 2022 

  1. Anti-fragile companies

A flexible and humane company is 100% transparent with talent, with customers, suppliers, partners, allies; transparency is the main value today.

 2. SMEs and international digital individuals

The importance of marketing your products on digital platforms can increase your sales.

3. More economical and sustainable We have entered a new stage where the simplest, most natural, most authentic is best, without sacrificing the quality of the products or services.

Sector de embalajes de seguridad y transporte para mercancías. 

En Monterrey, podemos encontrar diversas soluciones de embalaje para exportación, incluyendo tarimas de madera, paletas de madera y cajas de madera para proteger y asegurar el transporte de mercancías. Estos embalajes de madera pueden ser diseñados a medida para satisfacer las necesidades específicas de cada producto, incluyendo la protección de carga pesada. 

Además, el uso de madera sostenible, como la madera de pino o roble, ayuda a promover la protección del medio ambiente y garantiza la disponibilidad de madera para futuros embalajes industriales. Los sistemas de fijación y las soluciones logísticas también son importantes para asegurar la protección de carga y el almacenamiento de productos en condiciones óptimas.